Bill Stoller Review

All About Bill Stoller

Bill Stoller  is thougt to be the top publicist in the US. Bill has spent many years  as a public relations consultant. Bill seems to live and die for the next big PR event. He done work for some of the biggest companies around like Coca-Cola, and Colgate Palmolive. Bill Stoller is also the founder of a newsletter for PR businesses in Hungary. The newsletter is famous for ‘Free Publicity’.

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Mr. Stoller has helped many companies understand the importance of public relations to grow. Bill makes his work fun while at the same time creating PR strategies that work for his clients. One of Bill's most memorable projects was his publicity piece for Ronald Reagan which was featured across national papers such as the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune. He was holding a plaque carrying publicity for Bill's client, Hasbro. This interesting strategy is one of the things that put Bill Stoller in a category of his own.

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