Automated Millions

The Automated Millions program comes along with videos and ebooks that focus on marketing and opt lists. This program shows you how to market and manage your own website. It even offers a free website but the free website doesn't have very many features. In order to get the website that does have a lot of features you would need to pay an additional $12 dollars a month. Some of the features you would then get would be being able to talk to marketing experts, higher affiliate commisssions control panel to edit your website, professional help in designing your site, marketing videos and tutorial and a few other things. The program consists of four videos that take you step by step through the making money process. The program also had the previously mentioned e-books, a link to submit your site to MSN, the free website, links to free and paid advertising site, your bonus course on internet marketing and a recommended site by the author.

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With the video all you have to do is follow as the program shows you what to do. Initially the video came without sound but recently they decided to add audio. Not sure if they have yet or not because without audio a beginner could definately get lost. As for the e-book there really isn't anything particularly speacial about them some of the information that is found in them pertains to marketing your website, how to get traffic, and how to build opt in lists. But for the most part alot of this info is nothing new and could have been found anywhere.

The MsN link is basically a link that takes you to the MSN site so you can submit the URL of your website to the search engine. The bonus course information would also be information that you could probably find anywhere. The advertising site consists of some pay and some free sites that will advertise for you but in my experience alot of the free sites are not really legit and a waste of your time. Overall the Automated Millions system can show you how to begin in earning money online as an internet marketer. It is definately a program more geared toward newbies so if you don't have any prior experience may be right for you. Click here to go to

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