Ameriplan USA Review

Is Ameriplan USA A Scam?

When looking for a great home based business, I came across the Ameriplan USA.  This business seems to offer a good deal of perks for those who are brave enough to take on a home based business.  Most of the fly-by-night companies do not offer much of anything except training support.  They are nothing more than a pyramid business with no options or benefits.

Below are some of the benefits I have seen that Ameriplan USA offers:

- They have an advantage over the fly-by-night businesses and that is longevity. Ameriplan was created in 1992 and is still going strong. 

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-They offer a good product that millions of Americans actually need. It is well known that perhaps the best way to make money is to focus on a need that people have.  If you can fill that need, you have a good money maker. The statistics of the Census Bureau show the number of uninsured Americans is currently at a record high of nearly 46.6 million. Ameriplan offers people a practical solution that is reasonably priced.  Their membership offers a discounted healthcare membership network that can save people money on medical care as well as dental procedures, prescriptions, vision, chiropractic services to name a few.

- Reasonably priced services and products that everyone can benefit from.  Memberships to Ameriplan can start at around $11.95 per month for an individual and as low as $19.95 per month for a whole family.
- They offer their “new business partners” a benefit package where most other companies offering home based business opportunities do not.  That alone makes them exceptional. 

-They offer an excellent Business Opportunity. This is the ideal business plan as it is very easy to do with little work.  Ameriplan does not require licensing, office space, inventory or even employees.  They offer a solid pay structure, utilizing a multi-level marketing pay structure.

Their representatives do not hound people to try to get them to sell their product.  The product seems to sell itself.  There have been bad reviews listed from the consumers in the past, but

most seem to be from misconceptions.  They think they are buying a health plan like those offered from major medical insurance carriers there for, when they do not get the same copay’s, they are disappointed.  They are looking for a quick fix and aren’t sure how to utilize the discounted medical plan that Ameriplan has to offer.  More people today are turning to plans such as Ameriplan, as most medical facilities accept most all types of insurance plans.


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This Ends The Review Of Ameriplan USA