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Allen Says Review 

Allen Says discusses how he started his famous  web membership site “Internet Marketing Warriors”. He also discusses the various methods and techniques he used to turn this membership site and his other products into successful ventures.

Most of you  already know Allen Says from his many reports, e-books, his membership site, and from his hosting company (  Allen Says  cover a lot of important questions on how to become really successful selling electronic information and software on the Internet.


Allen Says shares a lot of valuable information about what has made himself so successful.  I think Allen Says is one of the most engaging writers, out of all the writers who write for the Internet Marketing niche. His points and arguments are clear and concise.  He also has interesting analogies to support and illustrate any points or arguments.


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I have reservation with what Allen Says say’s about the so called ‘saturation myth’. Says doesn’t think any potential e-book market on the Internet will ever be saturated.  I totally agree with Says that this is seldom the case. You can always sell more e-books to any market.


When your talking about a particular e-book - such as Allen Says own e-books which come with resell rights.  At somepoint the market will be more or less saturated. Sales may never totally cease, it’ll probably be possible to sell a few more copies of any e-book.   But  because of the market it might come a time that it would be exceedingly difficult to make a great profit from any e-book. To make any profit you would have to put a lot of time in marketing and revisions into your e-book. But as usual, if you're good at marketing, like Allen talks about, you can be successful selling any ebook online.


In my opinion , I cannot totally agree with Mr. Says point of view, at some point e-books may flood the internet.  Then the market becomes saturated with varying information, which would make it hard for some consumers to weigh the information. But at this point, ebooks is the best way to make a product that can sell with minimal cost.


I love Allen's forum and I do recommend his products and services.



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