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Alex Mandossian Review

“Market with Postcards” (published by Heritage House) is Alex Mandossian’s course on marketing using postcards. Alex Mandossian has studied copywriting for years. He has studied all the greatest copywriters of all time, and he has written successful sales copy for many large and successful companies.

Alex Mandossian shows in this course that postcards are an excellent way to generate leads. They are easily produced, and fast and cheap to print. They can be distributed for just pennies per postcard. And a good postcard immediately catches the attention that old fasion direct mail can't compete with.

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How do you create the best postcard that’ll bring in the most customers for your business? And how do you reach the most qualified potential customers while spending as little money on your campaign as possible?

Those are just some of the questions that Alex Mandossian answers in this course. "Market with Postcards" is a highly professional course that really covers all the details of setting up and running highly effective postcard marketing.

When reading this course, you can tell that the author is a highly skilled writer. There are other fine courses on Postcard Marketing, but as Alex emphasizes, it’s the little things that make the difference. A postcard can only contain so much information, and it’s what you put on your postcards that causes the postcard to either  be read it or thrown away.

You’ll learn everything you need in order to make your postcards very responsive. Not only do you learn how to design your postcards, you also learn how to write great copy for your postcards. Besides, you also learn how to find the most targeted receivers of your postcards, and how to distribute them effectively.

So far as I can judge, no stone is left unturned here. You really get all the details here, which you need in order to set up your own successful postcard campaigns.

Alex Mandossian has packed a lot of valuable things into this course. The bonuses he has added to the course is really valuable. They’re definitely not the worthless bonuses you get too often when you buy information products through the Internet. For instance, one of the 3 free bonuses you get with the course, is two postcard copywriting critiques. Considering how clever (and busy) a copywriter Alex Mandossian is, this bonus is very, very valuable. This bonus assures that you’re not left out in the dark after having read the course. No, Alex has given his readers the best possible starting point.

Alex has also enclosed two decks of postcards taht will acts as useful models for your future postcards campaigns.

Alex has also enclosed a cd-rom with "Market with Postcards". On the cd-rom you’ll find several videos, templates, and everything you need in order to get a successful start.

Finally, I really like the professional look of ”Market with Postcards”. This course is one of the most professional looking marketing courses I’ve ever seen. It’s not the cheapest Postcard Marketing course around. But you certainly get a lot quality information for your money.

After having gone through this course, you'll be ready to start your own postcard marketing. And what makes this more valuable is the templates, and the videos that Alex has included. I highly recommend this course if you want to do any type of marketing with post cards. 

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