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AGM International Review

AGM International has a $200,000 GUARANTEE. AGM International has to be the worst company my review investigations have ever seen. Run; don’t walk away from this site. Ever heard of stealing? I am sure the guys at AGM International have! Flashy site with all of the convincing testimonials and, a hefty price. AGM International a few different setups that range in price from $1000 to $20,000. With each setup there is a specific income guarantee. The $20,000 package guaranteed $200,000 a year or your money back. Try calling them and you will never get through, .So the best thing to do is get hold of people that have dealt with them.

They basically stole my money:
I bought their Gold package for $4,300 but they never gave everything. I don't have any shop or any control whatsoever over this. They don't call me back they wont give me my money back. I'm ripped off. Don’t deal with them.

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This is a Scam!
They just want to steal your money. Much of it is just about selling membership. You won’t make money. Hopefully you spend more money advertising this scam so he can collect the money. That’s what they want. You will not get a refund...they will only take a bank transfer. In my opinion if you deal with these guys you’re asking for it.

As you can probably tell, I don't recommend AGM International.

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