Is Agel A Scam?

Agel Review 

Gelceuticals is the newest health supplement company into the already over crowded MLM industry.

Warning! We have spent $113,317 testing and reviewing different opportunities and money making strategies. Whether it's stock market investing, real estate investing, internet marketing, direct mail, MLM, or buying a franchise, we've been scammed, cheated, and lied to! It took testing hundreds of opportunities to find out what works and what doesn't. If you want to find out what is making us an excellent income from home then........ Click HERE To Discover The Secret Behind Internet Business Success


Hot shots like Randy Gage are recording webcasts, dvds and bookls that you can hand out to your friends and family to spread the word. But passing out dvds and booklets isn't the real key to being successful in any MLM program.

I tried all 4 of the products and they're much easier to swallow than it is to swallow large vitamin pills but is it better for you than Usana or Mannatech?  That questions is hard to answer because no concrete evidence can really be shown.

There's a gel for appetite suppressing. A gel for energy, immune protection. And there's also a mineral supplement with different flavors and packages. The $1000 kit comes with a ton of gel packs and lots of CD's and booklets to hand out. Registration is done online at your supplied back office website while the compensation plan boasts payments and car bonuses that will make you want to give this one a try. To be honest with you though, for a thousands dollars I can show you how to start your own web business that will make you more money than any pill or potion can make you.

Agel is a good company for those with solid networking experience, but for others, including most people that I've interviewed, it's a waste of money. If you want to know what company i recommend, that actualy is worth your time, Click here For VM Direct.

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