Affiliate Video Brander

Affiliate Video Brander helps you to create a short video pre-selling a product and promises to help you make more than your competition. They feel that a video is little bit more intimate so it will attract more customers or consumers. All you have to do is click a few buttons and the software is supposed to do the rest. You type in the URL of the video you wish to brand, and choose the folder where you want to save the files.

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The program will generate the files in an easy format so you can instantly upload and start profiting from the branded video. Next you enter you affiliate information so you can began to earn commissions as a result of showing the video. They also give lots of customized features so you can make it how you want it. You can add your own words to the page, you can also choose the color and the positioning and so on. They also say you can even custom Meta-tag info for search engine optimization. Next, you would upload the files to website, and that would be it.

The Affiliate Video Brander is said to give you the ability to profit with literally a few clicks of the mouse. All you do is use someone elses and let the software do the work for you which is the way to profit the easy way. You also reportedly don't have to write content when promoting an affiliate product you just have to send someone to a video that has already been created, then let the user watch it, and cookie them silently before they buy the product. Now all this information that I have gotten was gathered from other sources and reportedly it works. What I will say is that from my experience people do respond more to video than to written content because it requires less work from them. So investing in a video can definitely make you money.


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