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Affiliate Money Tree Review

Affiliate Money Tree is written by Mike Delrue, a young but smart affiliate marketer. This 80 odd pages affiliate marketing ebook has got a lot of what seems to be good info on making money in pay-per-click marketing. Affiliate Money Tree is all and only about how to make a good affiliate income through pay-per-click marketing & advertising.  It also contains Reviews of Affiliate Directories and Networks.

Mike Delrue says he made over $18,659 a month using his system "check this out, without a website”, without holding inventory, without spending more than 1 hour a day. Huhhhhh? All this for $49.95.

Warning! We have spent $113,317 testing and reviewing different opportunities and money making strategies. Whether it's stock market investing, real estate investing, internet marketing, direct mail, MLM, or buying a franchise, we've been scammed, cheated, and lied to! It took testing hundreds of opportunities to find out what works and what doesn't. If you want to find out what is making us an excellent income from home then........ Click HERE To Discover The Secret Behind Internet Business Success

2500 of the most profi keywords (how would we know?) You might be wondering why he is so generous in giving us his keywords? It’s because some of the affiliate programs are 2-tier affiliate programs and he will get a cut if you sign up using his affiliate link.

50 Money-Making Affiliate Programs There are a mistakes in the sales letter and the ebook.
Only 39 affiliate programs 70 Affiliate Networks reviews He doesn’t say what’s good or bad about each one. Why not tell us which ones make the most money  8 Solid Tips to Skyrocket Your Affiliate Conversions 9-Step Action Plan You might want to learn how he generates his keywords and use his system to promote other less competitive affiliate programs too. In my opinion I don’t think this eBook is not for beginners because it doesn’t cover how to create campaigns and a lot of basic stuff. But it's surely worth $49.

Since I review business opportunities for a living I have found most of them to be a waste of time.

But there are a few that put a lot of money in my pocket.

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