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Affiliate Insider Review

Affiliate Insider has some good points and some bad points. Not everyone is going to do well with this thing, only certain people will. Some of this book is a cautionary tale of two affiliates - Daniel and Jeff - one making money and one that is not. This book can teach teaching affiliates what they should be doing and what they shouldn't. On page 34 he describes how the affiliate who's a "failure" is averaging a profit of $200 a month Gordon introduces the reader to affiliate marketing and covers such topics as figuring out what you want to sell, naming, designing, and building a website, finding products to promote, newsletters, and so on.

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The book has interviews with 30 leading affiliate industry experts. Many valuable insights and strategies are also in there. The people interviewed really are "insiders". Written in a tutorial style. It's good to have a lot of tips coming from many different sources. Somehow though, Gordon doesn’t really talk about the extremely important topics of website promotion and search engine optimization.

I don’t think he thinks that is important stuff though. He even says "'s easy to promote online". Gordon should have asked for more details. A book written in a Q and A format is not always good “tell me what you want me to hear". I wish he would have gone back to the people he interviewed and asked them to explain in more detail. It's not a complete how-to manual for affiliates. In my opinion a new affiliate may want to start somewhere else.

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