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Absolute Internet Truth, from a Slant

You've heard it said the Internet provides a level playing field for

What exactly does that mean, do you know?

Well, I'll tell you. What it means is that you are literally as good as
what people perceive you to be. Now, that's true offline as well, but
online there is less of you available to be perceived.

For instance, there is no way to judge me by my looks through my
ezine. There's no way to judge my wealth by my clothes, my house,
or my car either, since you can't see them. Literally all you have to go
by is my words and what I do.

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What a wonderful way to exist in the world, huh?

I mean, for all you know I'm running my business from the state
penitentiary by sneaking into the warden's office at night and last
October when I disappeared for 4 days it was not because my phone
connection was out, but because I was sent to solitary confinement for
complaining a little too hard about that pile of green lead shot the
kitchen tried to pass off as peas.

Um, anyway. Of course, if I was in prison, I wouldn't tell you. That
way, I could still appear to be an upstanding, trustworthy individual
you'd be happy to do business with. Instead, I'd just present to you
the perfect business man image, customized to whatever that means to
you, of course.

The other thing meant by the Internet being a level playing field has to
do with the fact that starting an Internet business is inexpensive,
especially when compared to traditional business, and therefore open
to anyone who wants to try their hand at it.

Still, perhaps that whole idea is just a myth being perpetuated
by established online businesses that depend on new blood buying
into their 'get rich now' Internet marketing ebooks, courses, and

Not that I would tell you anything about that if it was true. Not until
after your credit card payment went through anyway.

One last thing that proves the Internet to be a level playing field is that
you can be your own boss and work your own hours. It's true also.
You may never have sold a thing in your entire life, but if you put
CEO, President of Marketing, or Chief Public Relations Officer by
your name and the name of your company, then that's what you are.

Still, what was that old line about too many Chiefs and not enough
Indians? I don't know. I mean the Chiefs play football and the
Indians are a baseball team, so how is that supposed to make
any sense? Oh yeah, there is more players on a football squad than a
baseball team isn't there?

Honestly though, the Internet is a level playing field, if you approach it
from the right slant.

The truth about the Internet is this...

Well, I'd tell you, but if I sent complete, unadulterated truth through an
email it may cause the entire cyber structure to collapse. Either that or
the powers that be would just sensor it and replace it with something
generic, so you'll just have to call me instead.

My number is 773-474-0663

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