ACN ( American Communications Network Inc ) Review

All About ACN

ACN is a network marketing company that markets everything from long distance to cell phones. ACN as a company, has a very good concept. The main problem with ACN is that when I joined, about five years ago, it cost me $500 to get started. While there is nothing wrong with ACN charging that much, there is something wrong with them not paying you high commission rates.

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ACN did teach me a lot about marketing and networking with others though. But no matter how hard I tried and how many long distance customers I had signed up, I never made more than $40. This is because the commissions that they pay you per customer are too low to build up any serious residuals with. One rep that I interviewed had well over 10,000 customers and he was only making $432/month. Anytime you have that many customers, in my opinion you should be making a lot more than that. The reason ACN can't pay you more is because people don't normally spend hundred of dollars on long distance and phone service anymore. And the deregulation they spoke of did not have that much of an affect on ACN as a company. So from an investment stand point, for me, ACN was a bad investment. Most people tend to fail in companies like ACN because they are not properly trained from the very beginning.

ACN makes a lot of money, probably most of their money, from distributors of their services. And if I had known better back then I would have invested that $500 in an online business, and I would probably be making $10,000 a day now instead of $1000. The bottom line is that most people that make money with ACN make it because they have recruited their way to the top. Since most people don't stick around that long though, this recruiting is a never ending process. As a whole though the company is successful, but there are a lot of easier ways to make money than with ACN. This ends the review on ACN ( American Communications Network Inc )

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