1/1/2022 - Alan writes:
I attended a 4X 2 hour seminar recently. I was impressed with Rich's delivery and professionalism. BUT they would not let me attend the one full day class till they had my money! I am a yacht broker; ALL my clients are allowed to try out the vessel first. If they like it they buy it. If not, thats the business! I am skeptical that I can buy a $4000 dollare software and become a millionaire overnight!

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12/15/2006 - Santa writes:
Yes I have been a real victim of this company. I tried to return the product at the 1 day class however Mark Schumacher refused to let me return the product. Saying that I had not really tried to use the product and did not have the training to use it until after the class. When I contacted the company they said that Mark had not put anything on his report about me asking for a refund so they could not give me a refund. ( Surprise Surprise ) I have contacted an attorney however could use all the information you could supply to me and my attorney about others that have fallen into this scam. And been refused there refund even thought they were in the warranty period that the company claims to offer. Please e-mail me at [] if there is anyway you can help Thank you very much. Santa Claus No the name is not a joke it really is my name.

8/14/2006 - Steve writes:
This product is a cruel joke (along with its counterpart Options Made Easy). The idea that some simple piece of software with a few green/red arrows will lead to profitable foreign exchange trading is as likely as the fountain of youth. It you buy this you will be trading against huge multinational corporations, hedge funds, investment banks, etc. with billions of $$ of assets and armies of computer programmers and financial analysts working full time on tracking these currencies . They will destroy you. Trading is a less than zero sum game because of the very high transaction costs (e.g., trading commissions). You will only win if you beat these multi billion dollar corporation by a long shot, which will not happen. The few sample "winners' they show on TV are the lucky few, not the norm (they say as much in the fine print). They're like the people who win the Lotto. You will not be one of them. Your odds of winning with this are similar, but the Lotto costs a few $$$, not thousands.

3/23/2006 - John writes:
Was very excited about product when attending 4X seminar and  purchased software package and monthly interent feed service.  Only to fing out that data and chart information provided by 4X is incorrect.  There is no way to konw about the bugs their in software until after months of learning how to use 4X software package, only to find out that they some of the they data provided in doing analysis of charts is incorrect.  Upon contacting they technical service dept. they acknowledged there is a problem and they are working on fixing it but could provide any timeline for fix. So now what I have is useless piece of crappy software. I made several calls to 4X only to be told that I'm out of warranty (purchased only 4 months ago))and they will not refund or offer any compension in any way. Thankfully I caught the problem before I made any investments based upon their software.   I call this consumer fraud that they knowingly sold a product that was filled with holes. I'm not thru with this yet, as I will go to my states attoney to file a compliant against 4X, report them to the BBB and I will blog the heck out of them. And the next time they come into my area selling their product at their dog and pony show seminars, I will be their with my signs picketing against them. Do the right thing 4X return my money!

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