15hitdaily Review

All About 15 Hits Daily

15hitsdaily is the hottest autosurf/manual surf or paid to surf program right now. The question everyone that is or isn't participating in this program want an answer to is whether or not it will last. Obviously no one really knows the answer to that question, but my sources are telling me that for now, it will continue to pay out and pay well.

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Just like most programs of this nature that paid for an extended period of time, all of those programs eventually shut down, took your money, or were forced to shut down. So the strategy for most people that participate in companies like 15hitdaily is to get while the getting is good. For this reason I can't in good conscience recommend any autosurf or paid to surf program because I would hate to see people lose their hard earned money even if they know the risks that are involved.

It's funny because for my own purposes and benefit I'll probably end up throwing a few dollars into 15hitsdaily just to see if I'll hit the jackpot. But I only would do this because I make huge profits from my internet business so losing even a thousand bucks wouldn't cause me to go into depression. But until this industry, the paid to surf industry, is regulated, I can't fully recommend any surf program.

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