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12 Guaranteed Guru Secrets, For Better Ezine Ad Results

12 Guaranteed Guru Secrets, For Better Ezine Ad Results

From buying expensive solo ads to placing free classifieds
in ezines the past three years, you can be assured of my
qualifications to write this article. I'm a Guru aren't I ? :-)

1. I Place most ezine ads in an ezine that is not delivered regularly
on schedule. People love surprises and it's a real surprise if this
ezine arrives on schedule. (I bet on a high number of subs, here)

2. I just Love to put ezine ads in an ezine classified section, where
it is competing with dozens of other ads. If I do get a clickthrough
this means my dollar sign characters stood out above the rest.

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3. I Don't bother to spell check my ad copy. That misspelled word
is sure to get noticed, and that's what it is all about, Right ?

4. My personal favorite is choosing an ezine whose publisher uses
an FFA site to build his subscriber list. I can bet on the sub list
being huge and also have a broader audience to choose from.

5. I Always use the same affiliate ads that come standard with the
program. These ads are all written by professional copy writers,
so they are nothing short of pure magic for a guaranteed click.

6. Why would I waste time subscribing to an ezine before buying a
top spot ad. There's more important things to spend my time on.
( Hey ! Honey, what time does the game start tonight ?)

7. I Always try to put enough info in the ad to make the sale from
the point of exposure, not depending on the prospect to click to
my website, or send for info by email. Saves 'em time, plus you
got'em on the hook, why let them go ?

8. If the ezine publisher publishes a separate ad issue besides the
main ezine this is excellent. Everyone reads the ads only ezines.
You know, it's like the dessert after a full course meal.

9. Never, but never give specific details in your ad. This is sure
to keep the prospect guessing and we all know that curiosity
is the key to make the prospect click on your contact link.

10. I Don't waste my time targeting a prospective audience.
Always using the "shotgun" approach when placing ezine ads,
scattering the ads everywhere, I'm bound to get a click.

11. Forget about the format rules. Who cares if my ad is 70
characters per line instead the allowed 60, no one counts the
spaces and punctuation marks anyway. And surely that extra
line or two will never be noticed. ( they'll run my ad anyway)

12. One last Sure Fire Secret, don't run your ad over a couple of
times in the same place. People get bored real quick with the
same old stuff and will completely ignore your ad. So, be sure
to run a different ad often.

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